Translation Test (General-English to Chinese)
Everyone at a TPT workplace has a responsibility to ensure that alcohol and/or other drugs do not affect their own or others health and safety. A person, whilst carrying out their duties as a TPT Team Member in any TPT workplace, must not be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, or consume alcohol or other drugs.
All Team Members may be subject to testing for alcohol or other drugs whilst they are at a TPT workplace. This may include random testing, pre-employment, testing where reasonable suspicion exists or testing after investigation into a workplace accident, unsafe work incident or near hit. Testing will be completed by authorised collectors only, and where a Team Member refuses to provide a sample, or interferes with the testing process, this will be taken as a positive result.
TPT Team Members must not consume alcohol or other drugs when they are wearing a TPT uniform, clothing containing any TPT logo or business name or a name badge which identifies them as a Team Member of TPT. A TPT Team Member may consume alcohol where they are the host of or an invitee to a work-related function PROVIDED:


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